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Who I Was. Who I Am.

I'm No One. Who Are You?

10/23/05 05:16 pm

Erg. I just realized that a month ago was my birthday. I'm twenty three years and one month old today. Which really just tells me that apparently my body's warranty must expire at 23. It's like my entire body has just decided to start shutting down and not work any more. I would go into longer more detailed descriptions about the whole thing but well that would be boring and probably gross.

I have almost a full week of work next week. Monday I'm at the In-School-Suspension building all day. This is just like it sounds, suspension but you still have to go to class. More on that tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday I work half a day for the tenth grade biology classes. Thursday and Friday I work for my mom which means more tenth grad biology and some seventh grade health. In the health class they're studying families so we're going to watch the original version of Yours, Mine and Ours. My mom is big on showing movies in her classes. When her classes were studying DNA in biology they watched Jurassic Park and when they were studying evolution they watched Congo.

I'm thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. Of course I've thought about it for years but I never have the staying-power for it. I just get so easily distracted by things. Not to mention my whole problem with forgetfulness. Man. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. Eh. I'll let it go for later. Though I guess I should make the decision soon since the end of October is staring me in the face.

Speaking of the end of October, is anyone doing anything cool for Halloween? My church is doing a "Trunk or Treat" party. It's where you pull your car into the church parking lot and have your trunk full of candy and the local kids can have a safe place to trick or treat. It's cool to be a part of a church who thinks that it's alright for people to dress up and have fun instead of ones that insist that you can't dress up because you'll go straight to hell.

Right. I'm finished with my ramblings for now. Later.

10/13/05 12:51 pm - [a life unexamined]

Well, I know, I know I have been gone for like forever but I've been terribly busy/sick/moody so I waited until now. So now I'm back with stories of trials and triumphs. Okay so not really on that part but still I'm back and hopefully I'll be better on the posting than I have been. A lot of things have happened to me lately and some of them are very, very good and some of them were very, very bad. The long and short of it follows.

Life UpdateCollapse )

Right so now I'm off to get ready for the day. Yes, it is after one by this point but well, I'm lazy and I have to work tomorrow so I get to not start the day until when I want to.

I have a new cell phone number. If you're interested in getting phone calls from me then comment here with your email address and I'll get back to you.

5/25/05 06:29 am

Okay so I've been busy lately and haven't posted much. Just an update about life right quick. I went to a workshop, and my cousin's graduation last week (in reverse order). I got hit on by a guy who was way too old (and creepy) and a married guy (that order, different guys). It was beyond bizarre. Beyond that all I've been doing lately is touring school groups around the museum and trying not to roast. Once again my AC is out in my house but now as a special added bonus my AC is out in my office at work. Mine is the only office without AC. It sucks so bad because I'm the one who's outside more than anyone else in the building.

That's really all that's going on. I get a five day weekend this week so maybe something big will happen then.

5/9/05 01:39 pm - New Icon and General Bitchiness

New Icon: Well I have a new icon. Yay. It's my second tattoo but I played with the picture a bunch. I love the design of that tattoo. I've had for roughly a year now. I'm very much in love with the way this icon looks.

General Bitchiness: My biggest bitch is that the only real resturant in Smackover is still closed. There were rumors that it would be open again but no such luck. It sucks majorly. The only places to eat in town are the pizza places and the gas stations. Otherwise it's a ten minute drive to get any kind of take-out or anything. My other bitch is that I have no free time whatsoever right now. I'm seriously being run ragged between family and work. Luckily I've arranged to take a few days off in a couple or weeks to recuperate but until then I have no time and I hate.

Now I have to go back to work. Bye.

5/8/05 03:14 pm

Urg. I feel like crap. I couldn't go to my family Mother's Day thing at my aunt's today because I haven't been able to even get myself to go and get a shower yet this morning. I just feel icky but standing up for a long time makes me dizzy. I guess I could go take a bath but I wouldn't get a moments peace things to all the animals.

I had more I was gonna say about pathological liars and how fed up I am but I've lost the interest.

5/4/05 06:24 am

Right. So. Update. Well I've been absent because I had a house guest for several days. It was really great. I won't blather on because well if I started I'd never stop. Also in recent days, I've begun to make plans to head to New York. To live, not to visit. Everyone down here thinks I'm crazy for even thinking about it. I don't give a shit. I'm going to go and try it for a bit, if I hate it then I hate it, no big, I can always leave again.

River is growing like a weed. She's had two vet appointments, three weeks apart and in the meantime she's doubled her weight. She's now a whopping ten and a half pounds.

I'm having money problems again. I finally blew through the cushion I had built up in my checking account. Guess I'll have to be more careful. I also finally had a picture taken of my second tattoo. The one of my first one didn't turn out too well but look for a picture of the first one soon.

Oh yeah! I have AC again! WOOT!

4/22/05 02:02 pm

It's just too damn hot. I can't believe that I still have no AC. Also my dog and cat are fighting like...well cats and dogs. The cat is on top of a box (left over from then move, still unpacked), the dog lunges at her and she swipes at the dog. Then River starts again, another lunge, another swipe then a running lunge and two swipes because sometimes you have to keep the opponent guessing I suppose. Then River will try to chase her tail and fall over. It's strange how it's both sad and cute at the same time.

Right. Back to work.

4/21/05 10:05 pm

It's five hundred and seventy five degrees in here and my AC unit is still out. I'm baking. I have my hair pulled up in the weirdest way ever just to keep it off my neck.

In other news, I've been watching Dark Angel episodes lately and I'm scared by how much I like them. The only major complaint is the fact that if I had been watching these over a course of several months I would completely lose the thread of the plot. Luckily I'm watching them all together and therefore I can keep it all pretty straight.

I intended for this entry to be longer but it's just too hot. I have to go be unconscious now.

4/19/05 07:19 am

Well, yesterday was crap but I've decided that today is going to be good, very good. I command it. Or something. We have 70 second graders coming today. I'm less than thrilled that so many kids are coming but it's alright. I tried to talk them into breaking up and coming just a few at a time but with the price of gas these days they couldn't afford it. I think I'm going to talk to my boss today and lay things out about how I feel about this job and what she's requiring of me. I refuse to become someone else just for a paycheck. I'll find another job if I have to.

But yes! Today will be good! SO saith...well, me.


4/18/05 06:06 pm - Fuck.

I hate today.

I want this week over with. NOW.
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