Deedra (findingblue) wrote,

[a life unexamined]

Well, I know, I know I have been gone for like forever but I've been terribly busy/sick/moody so I waited until now. So now I'm back with stories of trials and triumphs. Okay so not really on that part but still I'm back and hopefully I'll be better on the posting than I have been. A lot of things have happened to me lately and some of them are very, very good and some of them were very, very bad. The long and short of it follows.

First of all, I live with my mother and younger brother now. Being back home is odd but kind of good. I work part time as a substitute teacher and sneak off to the big city of Little Rock for kicks as often as possible. I'm once again I having money problems but they're less now that I don't have bills to deal with.

My twenty-third birthday came and went with nothing too exciting happening. I got money that I spent on work clothes, books and an iPod mini just in time for them to be replaced by the iPod nano. What can I say? I'm on the cutting edge. (Actually I'd rather have my mini than a nano. The nanos are just too small.)

I've seen Serenity twice already and I thought it was awesome. Though I'm afraid that it's turning out to be a niche movie. Oh well, at least we got the movie even if no one else liked it.

I've been reading a lot more lately because of all the time I have between substitute jobs and also during them. I've started reading James A Moore. I rec him to anyone who reads Koontz or other horror novels.

For the past week I've been horribly sick. I didn't know the human body had so much mucus in it. (Sorry that was gross but no less true.) I'm getting better but not much.

And finally the more important things from the recent past. I've both lost life-long friends and reconnected with old friends recently. There is a lot to say about growing older. Sometimes it's very hard to do and some people just can't handle it. Other times people you never thought would grow up can surprise you. Being back home I met some people that I had almost forgotten about and it's taught me a lot. People that I could have sworn were losers have turned out to be pretty good people and people that I thought were headed places seem to be sitting on the side of the road watching the world pass them by. I've decided that it's time for me to decide what I really want out of life and find a way to get it.

And yeah, that's enough of the sappy stuff. Moving on.

Right so now I'm off to get ready for the day. Yes, it is after one by this point but well, I'm lazy and I have to work tomorrow so I get to not start the day until when I want to.

I have a new cell phone number. If you're interested in getting phone calls from me then comment here with your email address and I'll get back to you.
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